Light trifle with loads of berries in a crystal bowl.

Very Berry Light Trifle

(Last Updated On: October 19, 2019)

Surprise! This Very Berry Light Trifle cake is low in calories and has antioxidant-loaded berries. A blend of sugar-free vanilla pudding and cool whip provides the “filling” and angel food provides the light cake layers. Be sure to allow at least an hour in the fridge after prepping for a better texture and flavor. You’ll want to use a tall glass bowl to prep and serve so that your guests can see the colorful layers in this trifle. A perfect dessert to end a barbecue. Serve all summer long!

Serves 12 with 142 calories, three points per serving.

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Light trifle with loads of berries in a crystal bowl.
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Very Berry Light Trifle

What's better than strawberries, raspberries, and blueberries layered in a light and airy dessert? This Very Berry Light Trifle cake is layered with vanilla pudding, angel food cake and red and blue berries! Enough for a crowd of 12, this trifle has only 140 calories per serving with 3 points per serving.

Course Dessert
Cuisine American
Prep Time 15 minutes
Total Time 15 minutes
Servings 12
Calories 142 kcal



  1.  Chop strawberries and set aside. 

  2. Remove angel food cake from container and place on a cutting board. Holding the top of the cake, cut in half horizontally, using a bread knife. Then, cut down into 1/2" pieces. Be careful not to press down too hard to avoid smashing the cake down. 

  3. In a medium bowl, gently blend the vanilla pudding and cool whip. Set aside.

  4. Take a large clear bowl or large trifle bowl. Layer the bottom with cake until it's all covered.

  5. Spoon about 1/3 of the pudding-cool whip mixture until cake is covered. 

  6. Generously layer in the strawberries until the cool whip is covered. Spoon in 1/2 of the blueberries. Add 1/2 of the raspberries

  7. Top with the remaining cake pieces. Spoon the remaining pudding-cool whip, reserving about 1/3 of a cup. 

  8. Cover with remaining raspberries and blueberries in the center of the bowl. Use the remaining strawberries to "circle" around those berries. Top the center with remaining pudding-cool whip mixture.

  9. Cover with saran wrap and refrigerate for at least two hours before serving.

Recipe Notes

For variety, consider using chopped plums, peaches and nectarines when they are in season. 

Nutrition Facts
Very Berry Light Trifle
Amount Per Serving
Calories 142
% Daily Value*
Sodium 215mg9%
Carbohydrates 31g10%
Sugar 15g17%
Protein 2g4%
* Percent Daily Values are based on a 2000 calorie diet.


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