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Food, Fitness and Fun Finds! (January 2020)

(Last Updated On: February 10, 2020)

Let’s start the year off with something new! That’s our new YouTube Channel for FitFortyForever. Our recipes will be coming to life on YouTube  Also, we’ll showcase extra FitFortyForever videos. If you missed last week’s email, we provided details on how you can create your own 30-day challenge. What better way to set your New Year’s goals than with a 30-day effort to start moving forward to reaching your goal? Receive a FREE January 30-Day Challenge Calendar template from FitFortyForever when you send us an email request at

Food:  New! FitFortyForever YouTube Channel! 

FitFortyForever just launched their YouTube channel. While there are only a couple of our recipes there now, there will be more added throughout the month and throughout the year.

Subscribe to our new YouTube channel for our latest recipe videos.

Eventually, most of our recipes will have a video on our YouTube channel. We’ll be updating many of our recipes to include videos. Also, a few of our posts were highlighted on the Optimal Health Daily podcasts last year. You’ll be able to access these as well on our YouTube channel Subscribe on our YouTube channel here and receive notifications when new recipe videos are posted weekly. Please let us know your suggestions at or comment below.

Fitness: Exercise Decreases Seven Types of Cancers

The latest studies indicate that regular exercise cuts the risk of seven major types of cancer. The more you exercise, the more you can lower your risk of

women running up stadium stairs
Exercise vigorously to achieve a reduced risk of cancer.

cancer. Researchers pooled together nine different studies with a total of 750,000 men and women. Risks of cancer were significantly lower for breast, endometrial, colon, kidney, liver, myeloma and non-Hodgkin lymphoma. The researchers concluded that the harder the participants exercised, the larger the decline of their cancer risk. The U.S. Guidelines recommend three to five hours per week. Ideally, you’ll want to make a conscientious effort to move for at least 30 minutes every day.


Finds: Start a 30-Day Challenge

From our January 1st post, FitFortyForever is ready to help you make this year, and decade, your best and most awesome one yet! In this post, you’ll find several ideas for 30-Day Challenges for Women to launch your new healthy habits in 2020. Pick one or pick a few to work towards completing this month. Want to start exercising again? Drinking more water? Drinking less alcohol? Tracking your food? You should easily be able to accomplish a few of these and even create your own. We are even providing you with a FREE January 30-Day Challenge Calendar template from FitFortyForever when you send us an email request at Interested in longer-term, health goal planning? Review our post on 10 Easy Tips to Reach Your Weight and Fitness Goals This Year from 2019.

30-Day Challenges for Women

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