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FitFortyForever Faves (Week of July 29, 2019)

(Last Updated On: September 8, 2019)

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Norigami Non-GMO Gluten-Free Pea Wraps Chia Seeds (6 Wraps), Low Carbs, High Protein, Vegetarian, Ready To Fill And Serve Wraps, Thin And Healthy Wraps
These gluten-free Norigami wraps are super low calories and carbs.

This week’s Faves highlights two new studies with findings that can boost your health. First, cutting back by just 300 calories per day from your regular calorie amount can reduce your risk of cancer and increase your longevity. Past studies on calorie restriction involved much steeper reductions (up to 40% fewer calorie)s. This study finds that simply modest reductions in daily calories can reduce your weight. Plus, restricting calories modestly may have the same positive health results of large calorie-restrictive diets without the difficulty of dramatic calorie reduction. Now, the second study that we are highlighting in this week’s Faves shows that weight training benefits your body’s shape but also boosts your brain’s power! Once again, the many benefits of exercise are enormous. And, finally, we found a new super low-calorie wrap, Norigami Soy Wraps, that are only one point each and come in a variety of flavors.

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Food: 300 Calories Less Per Day Bring Big Benefits

Many studies over the years demonstrate the power and benefits of calorie restriction. Taking in fewer calories, about 10-40% less, is tied to longevity and a reduction in cancer as well as

Cutting calorie visutal
Restricting your calories even by 300 calories per day can boost longevity and health.

other diseases in lab experiments. Now, a new study with people shows that eating 300 calories fewer calories per day can also have big health benefits.

The new study published in the journal, The Lancet Diabetes and Endocrinology Journal looked at the benefits of calorie restriction in a younger. In the study’s two years, the group averaged about a 12.5% reduction in calories. This decrease amounted to about 300 calories a day which is the equivalent of a medium muffin, bagel, a chocolate bar, etc.. Even with reaching half of their calorie-restriction goal which was originally 25% fewer calories per day, the study participants had long-term health benefits and weight loss. 

On average, the study participants lost an average of eight pounds and their major cardiometabolic risk factors declined. Those include blood pressure, blood sugar, and cholesterol. The researchers were surprised at how many positive benefits occurred with only a 300-calorie reduction.

This strategy to cut back your calories on average of 12.5% per day may help you to improve your health and lose a few pounds as well. Is this modest calorie restriction something you might try? Let us know in the comments below.

Fitness: How Weight Training Changes the Brain

The New York Times this week highlighted a new study on the benefits of weight training. There appears to be a direct connection between lifting and increased brain neurons. This increase benefits the memory center and can potentially reduce age-related memory loss…at least in the animals in the test. Additionally, outside of this particular study,

benefits of weight training
Consider starting a weight training routine.

there are numerous research studies that point to the positive impact that aerobic exercise has on the brain. This new study is one of the few that takes a look at the impact of resistance and weight training.

The results of this study show that the animals in the test were able to dramatically improve their ability to think. From an analysis of their brains, the brains also showed new neuron growth directly related to the impact of weight training. Furthermore, the control group should no improved memory or new brain growth. What does this mean for people? This study bolsters the growing body of evidence of how important exercise, including resistance training, is for the health of the brain. 

Looking to start weight training? Check out our popular post on the subject: 10 Amazing Benefits of Weight Training for Women Over 40.

Finds: Super Low Calorie, One-Point Norigami Wraps 

Norigami Non-GMO Gluten-Free Soy Wraps Chili (6 Wraps), Low Carbs, High Protein, Vegetarian, Ready To Fill And Serve Wraps, Thin And Healthy Wraps
These low carb, low point, low cal wraps from Norigami are perfect for a tortilla wrap substitute.

We just read about these low carb, low calorie wraps. Available on Amazon, these Norigami Soy Wraps are light and healthy. Available in three flavors: Chili, Chia, and Sesame Seeds. Here is a summary from Amazon:

  • Thin and healthy: Gluten-free Norigami wraps are low calories low carbs.  
  • Ready to fill and serve wraps: Made of egg white, whole eggs, and non-GMO ingredients, this tasty wrap is rich in proteins and low in calories and carbs. Plus, these wraps are low in sodium as well as low sugars.  
  • Nutritious and delicious:  Six (6) wraps per package. No refrigeration required. One-year shelf life. 

Each one is just 20 calories and one point. Order them on Amazon here.


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