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Outdoor Workout Routines for Women

Finally, summer is here. We love summer! Warm days and warm nights. Barbecues, patios, trail walks, the beach, the lake, and all sorts of outside activities… the list goes on and on. You might agree that one of the best things about summer is the chance to incorporate outdoor workout […]

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Top 10 Fitness Books for Women

Find Your Fit With the Top 10 Fitness Books for Women Need a motivation boost to get back to your exercise routine? Or to start a fitness regime. FitFortyForever’s Top 10 Fitness Books for Women offers a selection, featuring the top 10 Fitness Books for Women, curated by us through a […]

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Top 10 Tips to Exercise this Holiday Season

Workout All Season Long! To keep you motivated through the rest of the year, try to incorporate some or all of our “Top 10 Exercise Tips for the Holiday Season.” You know with the start of the holidays coupled with the Pandemic, you may find it difficult to stick to […]

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How to Avoid Holiday Weight Gain

Get Ready for Thanksgiving and the Holiday Season Wow! This year has been incredibly tough for all of us and here we are at the start of the holiday season. This time of year can be a tricky time to stay healthy and fit even with the best intentions of […]

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10 Easy Ways to Burn More Calories

Did you know that you can automatically burn more calories without more exercise? Your everyday movements can add up to a lot of calories getting burned outside of your regular fitness. Just by making some simple adjustments and putting some thought into your daily routine, you can burn several hundred […]

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Five Easy Ways to Workout at Home

Shelter-at-Home Fitness  Are you concerned that you will gain extra pounds as well as lose your fitness and healthy lifestyle motivation during this stressful and unusual time? The declared national emergency for the pandemic is a once every 100-year event. The risk of getting sick from a pandemic is scary, […]

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Food, Fitness and Fun Finds! (January 2020)

Let’s start the year off with something new! That’s our new YouTube Channel for FitFortyForever. Our recipes will be coming to life on YouTube  Also, we’ll showcase extra FitFortyForever videos. If you missed last week’s email, we provided details on how you can create your own 30-day challenge. What better […]

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30-Day Challenges for Women

Make Healthy Habits Stick All Year Round FitFortyForever is ready to help you make this year, and decade, your best and most awesome one yet! In this post, you’ll find several ideas for 30-Day Challenges for Women to launch your new healthy habits in 2020. Pick one or pick a […]