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FitFitFortyForever creator, Judy R., posed in a long-sleeve, multi-colored shirt with black capri pants and blue Brooks running shoes.
FitFortyForever creator, Judy R., provides tips and tricks to stay fit in your forties and beyond!

FitFortyForever is me! I am a full-time working mom with a passion for fitness and healthy cooking. With my marketing experience and a strong interest in the latest in exercise and nutrtion, I intend to share tips and tricks on this blog to help my readers stay their best through mid-life and beyond. FitFortyForever is designed for women in their 40s, 50s and 60s who have achieved their fitness and weight goals and are always striving to improve. The blog won’t focus so much on weight loss. I’ve learned that what I did to get fit and healthy doesn’t change now that I’m maintaining.

Brief Bio

I am originally from Los Angeles – land of the trim and fit. Eventually, I did find my way to health happiness and I now live in the Midwest where I am a marketing professional at a Fortune 500 company. I have a B.A. in Political Science from Cornell University along with an MBA in Marketing from UCLA. Along with a black lab, Bailey, I have two teenage sons and a fitness-loving husband.

FitFortyForever Blog Love

This blog begins as a way to share how I  finally have maintained my ideal weight and fitness after decades of yo-yoing dieting. In general, I have been struggling with 30-40 lbs. most of my adult life. I’ve always liked to exercise, but that was on and off as well.

Pregnancy Weight Gain

I reached 225 lbs. 16 years ago after the birth of my son, rejoined Weight Watchers for the millionth time, and then nine months later (like another pregnancy) reached lifetime status at Weight Watchers. Subsequently, I was up and down 15-20 lbs. from there over the next several years. Weekends became an eating fiesta for me with diligent weeks to punish and complement those weekends.

Fear of Weight Gain

However, in 2011, I was concerned that my weight would balloon when I was scheduled for a major surgery with several weeks of recuperation with no exercise. So, I recommitted to Weight Watchers and managed to lose 20 lbs. that I have kept off – within 2-5 lbs. of my goal for the last six years.

After decades of dieting, over/under-exercising and binge eating, I have finally found peace with myself. Once I stopped eating for emotional reasons, it was much easier to reach my goal and stay there. Now, I can’t eat when I’m truly upset and I can’t eat unless I’m hungry. I like being hungry when I eat vs. just eating all the time for whatever reason.

FitFortyForever creator, Judy R., in a grey hoodie lifting a 10 lb. black kettle ball.
Lifting a 10 lb. kettle ball is easy these days!

Weekly Update and a New Recipe, Too

As FitFortyForever evolves, updates and a new post will release each week along with a new recipe.

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There are a million blogs out there dedicated to weight loss and getting fit. This blog is for women in their 40s, 50s, and 60s who have reached their fitness goals and want to maintain their successes. It takes as much work to keep it off and stay fit – It’s always a journey, especially when you want to be FitFortyForever!

Welcome to FiFortyForever!